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❣️ Heart Exclamation emoji

[ hahrt ek-skluh-mey-shuhn ih-moh-jee ]

What does ❣️ Heart Exclamation emoji mean?

The Heart Exclamation emoji ❣️ depicts a a red exclamation mark whose vertical line has been rendered a classic heart.

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Where does ❣️ Heart Exclamation emoji come from?

dark red background with heart exclamation emoji on it

The Heart Exclamation emoji ❣️ originated in Unicode 1.1 back in 1993. It was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015 when Unicode first supported emoji. On all major platforms, the emoji displays as a red exclamation mark (!) whose top line is replaced with a red heart, resembling the Red Heart emoji ❤️.

Examples of ❣️ Heart Exclamation emoji

Day 2 of homeschooling: my 3 year old keeps calling me “Mrs. Teacher” and my heart is melting! Pleading faceHeart exclamation
@doriecp, March 17, 2020
#DonationsForAustralianBushFire  / Hi everyone, I know it’s comeback season and people want to save up, but this is really important! Our planet need us. Help rt!! ❣️ ...
@curly_bangtan, January 8, 2020

Who uses ❣️ Heart Exclamation emoji?

Like the many other heart emojis, such as Sparkling Heart emoji 💖 , Beating Heart emoji 💓, or Growing Heart emoji 💗, the Heart Exclamation emoji ❣️ is used to convey love, affection, and other positive feelings. But because it’s an exclamation point, the emoji adds a layer of excitement, surprise, and delight to a text message or social media post. Sometimes, the emoji is used to add a decorative visual styling.

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