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🧊 Ice Cube emoji

[ ahys kyoob ih-moh-jee ]

What does 🧊 Ice Cube emoji mean?

The Ice Cube emoji 🧊, depicts a grayish-blue cube of frozen water. It’s the perfect accompaniment to all your digital cold beverages.

The Ice Cube emoji 🧊 is also used in reference to all things cool, both literally (like the weather) and figuratively (like rapper and actor Ice Cube).

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Where does 🧊 Ice Cube emoji come from?

Fancy some ice in your (emoji) drink? 🥃 🥤 Well, now you can have it, with the Ice Cube emoji 🧊.

The emoji was approved in 2019 under Unicode 12.0. It’s categorized under Food & Drink, which is sensible, as ice cubes are typically used to cool our various drinks. The Ice Cube emoji 🧊 appears to have been inspired by a March 2018 proposal for an iceberg emoji.

Current versions display the ice cube as, well, a grayish-blue block of ice. On unsupported platforms, the Ice Cube emoji 🧊 may display as an empty box.

Examples of 🧊 Ice Cube emoji

Trump's speech. Real Hot fire. The Dems response, real ice cold! 🧊 #SOTU
@Politicswatch, February 5, 2019
It's Ice Breaker Saturday! We break the Ice 🧊 🔨, and you drink out of it 🥃. What better way to start a conversation 🗨️ 💁‍♂️  🗨️💁
@Icebarfans, March 16, 2019

Who uses 🧊 Ice Cube emoji?

While the Ice Cube emoji 🧊 is only fresh out of the emoji freezer, users have already found a range of clever applications for it.

For starters, the Ice Cube emoji 🧊 may be used alongside other Food & Drink emoji (e.g., Lemon emoji 🍋, for an ice-cold lemonade) in reference to cold drinks—often of the adult variety.

The shape of the Ice Cube emoji 🧊 has also lent the pictogram to various representation of cube-like shapes or concepts.

Ice is cold, and various terms for cold are used to mean “excellent, good, laidback” (e.g., chill). Expect to find the Ice Cube emoji 🧊 used for these and other ice-related expressions, such as an icy stare or a conversational icebreaker.

Of course, ice is actually cold, so the Ice Cube emoji 🧊 sees literal uses for cold temperatures or weather events.

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