⌨️ - keyboard emoji

or keyboard emoji

[kee-bohrd ih-moh-jee]

What does ⌨️ mean?

The keyboard emoji, added in 2015, is most commonly used in conversations around online gaming and other technology.

Examples of ⌨️ - keyboard emoji


Examples of ⌨️ - keyboard emoji
Web editor's day ~ before the launch of the new website. 💻 #simrishamn #österlen #webeditor #webbredaktör #wordpress #sigma #💻 #⌨️ #📱#simrishamnskommun #dell #alltidjobba
@swedish_eliza, April, 2018
⌨ Keyboard Maestro: Conduct your Mac like a pro. Arun says: "Keyboard Maestro is crazy awesome. I have been using for an year now for a ton of automation and hotkeys."
Product Hunt Daily Digest, October, 2017
⌨️ It's #Eweek2018 so we thought we'd introduce you to @UofSC_CEC alumna, @__DeeGeeBee. The closest thing to 💻 science De'Aira took at her high school in Estill, SC was keyboarding. Then she taught a 🤖 how to dab...for a purpose...
@UofSC, February, 2018
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Where does ⌨️ - keyboard emoji come from?

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The keyboard emoji, as its officially called, was first approved under Unicode 1.1 in 1993, included in every subsequent update, notably Unicode 6.0 in 2010, which brought emoji into wider use.

On most platforms, the keyboard emoji depicts a white, gray, or black standard computer keyboard. Apple, one of the most popular vendors, has not redesigned its keyboard emoji in any recent OS updates.

Who uses ⌨️ - keyboard emoji?

The keyboard emoji is not very widely used. Where it does see application, the emoji marks social-media posts concerning professional typing, typing tests, computer keyboarding, computer hardware, and computing and technology more generally.

The keyboard emoji is sometimes seen in articles and videos reviewing keyboards and other computer products, particularly those dealing with PC and online gaming.

Occasionally, a keyboard emoji may emphasize that someone is sitting down to work, especially if writing or meeting a deadline. Some computer collectors may also take to the keyboard emoji in expressing enthusiasm about a classic computer item, such as the 1982 Commodore 64, an early home computer that, by contemporary standards, looks like it’s just a computer keyboard.

The keyboard emoji is not to be confused with the musical keyboard emoji 🎹, variously used to mark content involving pianos, electronic keyboards, and music and signing more generally.

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