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🦦 Otter emoji

[ot-er ih-moh-jee]

What does 🦦 Otter emoji  mean?

This emoji has us saying “awww–ter.”  

The otter emoji, 🦦, depicts the playful, lovable, furry, aquatic mammal, the otter.

It's often used in posts celebrating the creature.

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Where does 🦦 Otter emoji come from?

San Diego Zoo

The otter emoji, 🦦, was approved under Unicode 12.0 in 2019, along with other new animals in the emoji kingdom, including skunk 🦨 and sloth 🦥 emoji. On unsupported platforms, the otter emoji displays as an empty box.

As shown in the screenshot from Emojipedia below, designs for the otter emoji implemented in 2019 so far show the light-brown critter on its back with its arms on its belly or at its mouth. Microsoft’s otter appears to be cradling a stone.

Screenshot from Emojipedia

The famed Monterey Bay Aquarium has (humorously) argued that the otter emoji specifically depicts a river otter (vs. sea otter), as it possesses a longer body with a smaller face.  

One of our very own lexicographers, Jane Solomon, along with Monica Dinculescu, submitted a proposal in February 2018 to the Unicode Consortium for the much-requested otter emoji. In the emoji, they found potential for the otter emoji to be used for friendship and love (otters are often seen holding hands); concepts of staying afloat; and emoji puns (e.g., “significant otter,” or “you otter do something”).

Examples of 🦦 Otter emoji

The cast's daemons are: / "Pizza Rat" - @Lin_Manuel 🐀 / "Sea Otter" - #JamesMcAvoy 🦦 / "Sphinx or Cat" - #RuthWilson 🐈 / "Annoying Tiny Tropical Monkey" - @DafneKeen 🐒 / "Woodpecker" - @jackthorne 🐦 / "Big Wolf" - Jane Tranter 🐺 / #HisDarkMaterials #SDCC
@darkmaterials, July 2019
🦦 Otterly cute Olivia was rescued when she was found in bustling #Mansfield town centre looking terrified. This poor cub is only 4-months-old and @RSPCAStapeley will be working with her for 8 months to get her ready to be released back to the wild!
@RSPCA_official, February 2019 https://twitter.com/sdnpa/status/1121292819975626752
San Diego Zoo

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Who uses 🦦 Otter emoji?

The otter emoji, 🦦, is frequently used when discussing actual otters. Many wildlife preservation agencies as well as zoos and aquariums use it to share educational information about otters.

Individuals also use the emoji whenever admiring the playful aquatic creature.

As the otter emoji is new, we’re still keeping watch for other applications of this cute, new emoji. Needless to say, people are excited it’s on their keyboards.

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