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🏎️ Racing Car emoji

[reys-ing kahr ih-moh-jee]

What does 🏎️ Racing Car emoji mean?

Buckle up! The racing car emoji, 🏎️, is used for all things related to race cars and the sport of motorcar racing.

It may also be used to represent sports cars as well as cars and driving more generally.

Metaphorically, the racing carΒ emoji may signify theΒ concept of speed.

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Where does 🏎️ Racing Car emoji come from?


Also popularly called race car, the racing car emoji hit the track back in 2014 as part of Unicode 7.0. Its appearance varies across platforms, as shown in the screenshot from Emojipedia below.


Most vendors, including Apple, Google, and Samsung, depict a race car similar to those found in Formula One racing. Twitter’s design suggests the type of auto used in NASCAR. Many platforms feature a red car, ever associated with that need for speed, though the emoji can also come in blue (WhatsApp) or yellow (Twitter).

As we see on many professional racing cars, Apple did a little product placement on their racing car emoji, displaying on its side the logo for Swift, their in-house programming language.


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Who uses 🏎️ Racing Car emoji?

The racing car emoji is most widely used for the sport of race-car driving, whether Formula One, NASCAR, or other motorcar racing.

As race cars are high-performance and high-end, the racing car emoji also sees use for sports cars and other fancy autos.

Everyday sets of wheels, too, can take a ride in the racing car emoji.

The racing car emoji is also used alongside the automobile emoji πŸš—, along with other vehicle emoji, to signify various topics concerning cars and driving.

Racing stuffs our language with metaphors (e.g., crossing the finish line), and so we see the racing car emoji used alongside all sorts of expressions for cars and driving, especially concepts of speed.

The emoji is frequently paired with the chequered flag emoji 🏁, which is waved at the end of motorcar races.

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