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or skunk emoji [skuhngk ih-moh-jee]

What does 🦨 mean?

Better hold your nose: skunk emoji is coming through.

Simply put, the skunk emoji, 🦨, depicts a black-and-white skunk.

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Examples of 🦨
another firmware update and still no skunk emoji. Incredibly disappointing
@Stinking_Skunk, June 2019
When you skunk your neighbor at #cribbage... 👿 @jesch30 (Also why is there no skunk emoji?? Hello apple?) @ Portland, Maine
@BlakeHayes, June, 2019
Looks like cotton candy, smells like 🦨
@DogWithSog, May 2019
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Where does 🦨 come from?

Unless you’re dying to take a bath in tomato juice, you really don’t want to tick off this emoji. Behold the skunk emoji, 🦨.

Skunks are native to North and South America. The name skunk comes from an Americanization of Algonquian roots meaning “to urinate” and “fox” … yup, that’s right. Skunks, of course, are known for the stinky liquid they spray when they feel threatened by a predator.

While we are familiar with skunks as black and white in color, they can also come in browns, creams, and gingers. The skunk emoji 🦨, however, is depicted in current versions as a black critter with a white stripe and curved tail.

In 2019, the skunk emoji was approved under Unicode 12.0. On unsupported platforms, the emoji displays as an empty box.

Screenshot from Emojipedia

Who uses 🦨?

As of 2019, the skunk emoji is young, so evidence for its specific applications is still emerging.

Of course, people will take to the skunk emoji for the love of the much-maligned animal (Pepé le Pew would approve) …

… as well as for various literally and figuratively “stinky” matters.

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