🕷️ - spider emoji

or spider emoji or black spider emoji

[spahy-der ih-moh-jee]

What does 🕷️ mean?


The spider emoji symbolizes the fascinating and dangerous arachnid and is associated with spookiness, witches, Halloween, and Goth culture.

Examples of 🕷️ - spider emoji


Examples of 🕷️ - spider emoji
Good morning moongoths, & thank Goth it's Friday, & thank Goth for gothic rock, & goth goth goth goth goth...🕷️👤🖤
@moonchildmag, October, 2017
Thanks for sharing. A truly beautiful Poecilotheria picture. Several Poecilotheria species facing significant decline in the wild. Spiders are often overlooked by the public when considering endangered species, yet so important. #EverySpiderMatters 🕷️
@DrRichJP, October, 2017
I love Halloween season so much bc of all the new scary things out or coming out, the nun, the new Michael Myers movie, hellfest, the chilling adventures of sabrina.. the list could go on. 🕷️🌕🕸️🍂
@amanda_horvath, September, 2018
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Where does 🕷️ - spider emoji come from?

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The spider emoji was approved by the Unicode Consortium in 2014 along with its compatriots the spider web and scorpion. The model for the emoji is the funnel web spider, a deadly creature native to Australia  whose venom is a mix of potent toxins that can reportedly kill a person in minutes.

This spider emoji varies across platforms from its terrifying realism with dimensional shading and pointy legs on Apple to a googly-eyed dangling arachnid on Google. Twitter is more abstract but still has enough detail to show pinchers, and Facebook is a bristling terror with slender claws.


Who uses 🕷️ - spider emoji ?

People who both love and fear actual spiders use the spider emoji to refer to the creature roaming in nature (or trapped in jars!).

Since spiders are associated with the dark arts, Goths, or fans of Black and Death metal music they tend to tag their posts with this eight-legged emoji.

Expect to see a spike in spider emoji use around Halloween because of its spooky associations.

Fans of the Marvel superhero Spiderman use the emoji in appreciation posts as well.

Finally, the feminist artist Louis Bourgeois was known for crafting enormous sculptures of spiders, so expect to find the emoji in posts about this pioneering contemporary artist.

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