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🗽 - statue of liberty emoji

or Statue of Liberty emoji or Lady Liberty emoji or New York emoji [stach-oo uh v lib-er-tee ih-moh-jee]

What does 🗽 mean?

USA! NYC! 🗽! 🗽! When you want to refer to New York City, ideals of liberty and welcoming immigrants, American patriotism, or America more generally, the statue of liberty emoji does the trick.  

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Where does 🗽 - statue of liberty emoji come from?

Examples of 🗽 - statue of liberty emoji

Whales of New York. 🗽 🐳   
BBC News, Facebook, 2017
I literally can’t wait to get back to New York City 🗽🌆🤩
@LivvyGiddings, May, 2018
I have such a crush on Gary Sinise and I have no idea why. guess I'll just binge watch CSI:NY all night. 👮🏻🕵️🔍🌃🗽
@alynnb3, June, 2017

Who uses 🗽 - statue of liberty emoji ?

The Statue of Liberty emoji is used by natives and residents of New York City as well as its many visitors—especially when they tour the actual monument.

As the above tweet suggests, the emoji is widely used for American patriotism, especially on July 4th.

Use of the emoji can sometimes be seen as liberal, emphasizing an open and diverse society.

But, it can also be conservative, too.

As you can see, many users pair the Statue of Liberty emoji with other America-charged emoji, like the eagle or flag for the United States emoji.

Cultural products and sports teams based in New York also inspire a lot of Statue of Liberty action, though too.

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