👩- woman emoji

or woman emoji or female emoji or lady emoji

[woo m-uh n ih-moh-jee] 

What does 👩 mean?

The woman emoji depicts a generic adult woman. It's sequenced with other emoji like the woman firefighter, and diverse family and relationships, like two women kissing.

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Examples of 👩- woman emoji


Examples of 👩- woman emoji
life is better with u 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💛
@kylarae11, May, 2018

Baby V coming 2017! 💙💗👶🏽👨‍👩‍👧👪

@ohemerald, August, 2016
My mom is my absolute best friend 👩‍👧
@kassiebaca199, December, 2017
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Where does 👩- woman emoji come from?

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It was a family affair in 2010, when Unicode 6.0 approved the man, girl, boy, baby, and woman emoji.

On some platforms like Apple and Twitter, the default woman emoji has blonde hair. On others, such as Google and Facebook, her hair is brunette. Her default form has an ethnically neutral yellow face, though users can select different skin tones to change the color of her face and hair for their desired representation. Designs give her just a hint of lipstick to add to her grown-up feel.

Don’t confuse her with the girl emoji, who looks like the woman emoji but with her hair pulled into pigtails: 👧.

While the woman emoji is available as a stand-alone emoji, programmers have paired her code with other emoji to create a wide range of female forms of existing emoji, from the woman farmer to woman golfing emoji. For instance, the woman mechanic emoji 👩‍🔧is made up of the woman emoji 👩 and the wrench emoji 👩, which many platforms have morphed into a single emoji, as Emojipedia shows in the screenshot below.

This emoji magic extends to depictions of families and relationships, providing greater diversity than the traditional mother-father or husband-wife configurations. For example, the family: woman, woman, girl emoji, 👩‍👩‍👧, uses two woman emoji and a girl emoji to depict two female parents who have a daughter, again transformed into a single image by newer platforms.

Who uses 👩- woman emoji ?

On social media or in texts, the woman emoji is occasionally used alone to signify being an adult woman.

It’s also frequently used with other person-based emoji, like man and girl, to talk about family.

She appears in more romantic relationships as well, such as the kiss: woman, woman emoji.

The woman emoji is very often paired with other emoji to take pride in accomplishments, signal professional identity, or promote gender diversity in society.

Woman and graduation cap emoji make the woman student emoji, which will display separately as 👩‍ and 🎓 on older software.

Woman and school create woman teacher 👩‍🏫.

When the woman emoji is placed next to the laptop emoji, she is a woman technologist 👩‍💻.

Finally, the woman emoji is a very popular stand-in for a mother on Mother’s Day, often paired with a child emoji and heart emoji or bouquet emoji.

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