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Glen Coco

[glen koh-koh]

Who is Glen Coco?

Glen Coco is a minor character from the 2004 high school comedy film Mean Girls known for his random popularity.

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Where does Glen Coco come from?

Glen Coco

In Mean Girls, students send their peers “Candy Cane-grams” in school during Christmas as gifts and as symbols of their popularity. In one scene, the character Damien (Daniel Franzese), dressed as Santa Claus, makes a show of giving out candy canes to students presumably less popular than one of the titular mean girls.

When he arrives at a nondescript student named Glen Coco (David Reale), he announces: “Four for you, Glen Coco! You go, Glen Coco!” The fact that Glen Coco receives four candy canes—and a supposedly popular “mean girl” gets none—suggests a lot of people like him. While Glen Coco otherwise plays no part in the plot, the character is fondly remembered for the scene.

Examples of Glen Coco

Glen Coco brings out the best in people.
Zing Tsjeng, “The real-life Glen Coco remembers his time on Mean Girls,” Dazed, April 30, 2014
Glen Coco is not only a brief but memorable character-turned-meme in Mean Girls; he's a real person.
Maggie Pehanick, “Tina Fey Says Glen Coco is a Real Person!” PopSugar, November 5, 2014
My work is selling Valentine's candy grams. I hope I get a million of them. #idontsendthem #ijustgetthem #glencoco
@nicole_ehmu, February 2017

Who uses Glen Coco?

Thanks to the charming randomness of the character in the film, Glen Coco, and Damien’s line “You go, Glen Coco,” is referenced in various memes and merchandise as a playful allusion for positive affirmation or unassuming self-confidence.

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