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Old Gregg

[ohld greg]

Who is Old Gregg?

Old Gregg is a character from the British TV comedy series, The Mighty Boosh. He’s a merman known for his “blinding mangina” and a love for Bailey’s, especially when it comes in a shoe.

Where does Old Gregg come from?

Know your meme

 Old Gregg first appeared in the episode “The Legend of Old Gregg” (August 2005). In the episode, the character Howard accidently fishes him out of a lake. Old Gregg stuns Howard when he takes him to his cave and shows him his mangina (a “man vagina”), which emits a blinding light. Near the end of the episode, the characters perform a musical number in which Old Gregg asks Howard if he loves him (which he obviously doesn’t).

When he was first introduced, Old Gregg immediately interested fans. Since then, Old Gregg has had a significant cultural presence, likely due to the absurdity of the character and his many quotable lines, such as “I’m Old Gregg.”, “I got a mangina!”, and “You ever drunk Bailey’s from a shoe?”

Examples of Old Gregg

the shape of water was just an old gregg fanfic don’t even TRY to lie to us del toro!!!
@jjbirde, January 2018
When Love Game by @ladygaga comes on my @Spotify, I immediately think of #OldGregg. I can’t be the only one. #PlayinLoveGamesWithMe
@PamelaHorton13, January 2018
And when people were posting three fictional characters that best described themselves, a viral meme circulated in which all three of someone's characters were Old Gregg.
Wendy, xoJane, October 2016

Who uses Old Gregg?

Old Gregg is a familiar allusion among fans of The Mighty Boosh, and his character is a popular source of quotes, especially “I’m Old Gregg.”

Some people will make playful jokes out of Lady Gaga’s 2008 hit “Love Game,” as Old Gregg sings his own tune similarly titled “Love Games.”

Because of his iconic look, featuring seaweed for hair, green skin, and a bright-pink tutu, Old Gregg is also a popular subject for cosplay or Halloween costumes. He is also the source of popular meme images and GIFs.

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