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Tyrone Biggums

[tahy-rohn big-uh ms]

Who is Tyrone Biggums?

Tyrone Biggums was a crack-addicted, homeless character on Chappelle’s Show, who has since been used in memes … many memes.

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Examples of Tyrone Biggums

KC out in these streets looking like Tyrone Biggums. 👀 #ShowtimeApollo
@LocdQueenMagic, February, 2018
I just ate tortilla chips with chapped lips. I look like Tyrone Biggums right now 😭😂😭😂
@ikeebzitreal, January, 2016
We’re taught to see addiction as a moral failing, a proverbial stick with which we can beat others down while elevating ourselves for not making bad choices. Perhaps it’s the existence of fictional characters like Dave Chappelle’s Tyrone Biggums or Ezal from ‘Friday’ that make the Campbell video [of a women apparently suffering from mental illness] seem like entertainment.
Zeba Blay, HuffPost, July, 2017

Who uses Tyrone Biggums?

References to the character of Tyrone Biggums are humorous takes on the topic of addiction, either playing the addict for laughs or mocking someone for having a seemingly obsessive interest in something. For example, someone who plays video games every day might be mocked by comparing them to Tyrone Biggums, perhaps with the phrase “Y’all got anymore of them video games?” Either way, earning a comparison to Tyrone Biggums is not a compliment, even if it is done for humorous effect.

Know Your Meme

The character of Tyrone Biggums has been criticized for making light of serious discussions regarding addiction, particularly in light of the so-called opioid epidemic in the United States.

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