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British Open

the Open Championship or the Open [ brit-ish oh-puhn ]

What is the British Open?

The British Open is a major annual golf tournament held by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews, Scotland.

The tournament is primarily called the British Open in the US. It is officially called the Open Championship and is sometimes simply called the Open.

The British Open is one of the major tournaments of the PGA Tour, along with the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship. It is considered one of the most prestigious golf competitions.

It is a 72-hole tournament and is played on a rotation of courses, with the location changing from year to year. It mainly features professional golfers but is also open to amateurs who qualify.

⚡️When is the British Open?

The 2023 British Open will begin on Thursday, July 20.

The British Open usually starts on the third Thursday in July and lasts for four days.

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Where does British Open come from?

The tournament that became known as the British Open was first held in 1860 in Prestwick, Scotland, with eight golfers competing. The following year, the tournament was opened to international competitors. The event was also opened to amateur golfers, which is why Open is used in its name. It originated as a 36-hole tournament but was changed to a 72-hole tournament in 1892.

The winner of the British Open is famously awarded a trophy known as the Claret Jug (officially called the Golf Champion Trophy), which is in the shape of a drinking vessel used to serve claret, a type of French red wine. Traditionally, the winner takes a drink from the jug. The winner’s name is engraved on the jug, which they get to keep until the next tournament, when they are given a replica of the trophy.

Examples of British Open

#PGAChampionship lost a pair of major champions from the field next week. Padraig Harrington & Francesco Molinari have withdrawn. Harrington = two-time British Open champion, PGA champion & Europe's Ryder Cup captain. Molinari won the British Open two years ago at Carnoustie
@KDPomp, July 30, 2020
I'm not a big golf fan, but the playoffs for the British Open were terrific television.
@KingsThings, July 20, 2015
When the winner inevitably kisses the Claret Jug**, will he be celebrating triumph in the Open Championship or the British Open? For the time being, please note the lowercase “t” and lack of stress on “the” in the previous reference to the Open Championship.
Michael Corcoran, Golf.com, July 15, 2019

Who uses British Open?

Did you know … ?

  • The first winner of the tournament that became known as the British Open was Scottish golfer Willie Park, Sr., who also won the tournament three other times.
  • His son, Willie Park, Jr., also won the Open twice.
  • British golfer Harry Vardon won the Open six times, more than any other golfer.

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