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National Adoption Month

[ nash-uh-nl uh-dop-shuhn muhnth ]

What is National Adoption Month?

National Adoption Month is a monthlong observance in the US each year dedicated to celebrating adoption and the families that have expanded through adoption, and to increasing awareness about issues related to adoption and foster care.

There are a few criticisms that are sometimes directed toward or discussed in the context of National Adoption Month. Some criticize programs that focus on encouraging adoption from the perspective of adoptive parents or families without acknowledging people who have been adopted or are awaiting adoption. Similarly, some criticize campaigns that they view as only raising awareness about the positive aspects of adoption.

National Adoption Day falls during National Adoption Month.

πŸ—“ When Is National Adoption Month?

National Adoption Month is held every year in November.

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Where does National Adoption Month come from?

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National Adoption Month was officially established in 1995. It is an extension of National Adoption Week, which was founded in 1984. The origin of the observance traces back to the establishment of an Adoption Week in Massachusetts in 1976 as a way to encourage the adoption of children in foster care.

Examples of National Adoption Month

The Bixby High School graduate has worked with adopted children in the Tulsa area. He plans to do more, though he’s holding back details until November, national adoption month.
Jacob Unruh, The Oklahoman, September 25, 2022
Many of the millions of adoptees across the country say it's been difficult for them to express their feelings about social unrest. In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, NPR asked transracial and transnational adoptees to share their experiences.
@NPR, November 21, 2021
Also, since it's National Adoption Month, I sincerely ask that if it's in your heart to adopt or foster, please do so. There are good kids in need of good families already here, just waiting for some one to love them. It's a concrete way to make the world a better place.
@tiffanytrent, November 23, 2021

More information and context on National Adoption Month

Did you know … ?

  • Teenagers are much less likely to be adopted than younger children.
  • The average child spends just under three years in foster care.
  • Same-sex couples and LGBTQIA+ people became legally able to adopt in the US in 2017.

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