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WNBA Finals

or the Finals [ duhb-uhl-yoo-en-bee-ey fahyn-lz ]

What are the WNBA Finals?

The final round of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) playoffs is called the WNBA Finals. The winner of the WNBA Finals wins the WNBA championship.

They’re sometimes simply called the Finals.

The WNBA Finals features a matchup between the WNBA’s Eastern Conference champions and the Western Conference champions (the winners of each conference’s playoffs). It’s a best-of-five series of games (in which the winner is the first team to win three games).

The most valuable player in the series is named the WNBA Finals MVP.

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⚡️When are the WNBA Finals?

The WNBA Finals are usually played in October.

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Where does WNBA Finals come from?

The championship held at the end of the WNBA’s inaugural season in 1997 was called the WNBA Championship (and it was a single game). The name was changed to the WNBA Finals in 2002. It was a best-of-three series from 1998–2004 and became a best-of-five series in 2005.

The word Finals is used in the name of the two WNBA conference championship series (Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals) as well as championship series in other leagues, including the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals (in professional hockey).

Examples of WNBA Finals

What an amazing WNBA Finals!!! These two teams were inspiring to watch! Definitely an added motivation to get there! #WNBAFinals #CongratsLA
@breannastewart, October 21, 2016
This WNBA Finals game is sooooo good!!!!
@CP3, October 2, 2017
The Seattle Storm started the 2020 WNBA Finals just like they ended their previous appearance in the championship series in 2018: with a dominant offensive performance.
Mechelle Voepel, ESPN, Oct 2, 2020

Who uses WNBA Finals?

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  • The Houston Comets won the WNBA Championship in the first four seasons of the WNBA.
  • WNBA champion Sue Bird won her fourth WNBA championship in 2020, 16 years after she won her first, in 2004.

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