large adult sons

[lahrj uh-duhlt suhnz]

What does large adult sons mean?


Large adult sons is a meme about fictional grown men who cause trouble for their father but are still beloved by him. The phrase has been applied to real people, especially in politics and sports.

Examples of large adult sons


Examples of large adult sons
the dragons are just the large adult sons of westeros
@JohnLewis9416, March 2019
... Late Show host Stephen Colbert aimed his comedy ire at President Trump’s large adult sons—you know, the two fellas who love hair gel and murdering endangered animals.
Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast, May 2018
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Where does large adult sons come from?

Mark Seliger / Rolling Stone

According to The New Yorker, in 2012, Twitter user @MuscularSon began posting bizarre but funny posts as a fictional father dealing with the wacky high jinks of his “enormous nerd sons.” (@MuscularSon’s account has since been deleted.)

The premise of a small father getting tormented by his overgrown, trouble-making, fumbling man-children proved to be a viral combo. The meme was quickly spread by other Twitter accounts specializing in off-kilter, absurdist comedy.

In 2015, after percolating across social media platforms, these humorous references to giant sons led to the official meme wording: “large adult sons.”

Shortly thereafter, politician Mike Huckabee announced he was running for president. Twitter user @JuliusIrvington took the opportunity to post an old Huckabee family photo, mocking his sons as large adult sons.

As some people online felt Huckabee’s sons were the perfect, real-life embodiment of the fictional online joke, the photo helped establish large adults sons as a viral internet meme.

Although Huckabee didn’t win his bid for president in 2016, another man with two notorious sons did: Donald Trump, father of Eric and Donald Jr. His victory only managed to strengthen the meme.

Who uses large adult sons?

All these large adults sons continue to cause made-up trouble in absurdist jokes online, especially on Twitter.

Large adults sons has also become an affectionate phrase in the sports community for duos of bigger, beloved players.

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