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lemon bars meme

[lem-uh n bahrz meem]

What does lemon bars meme mean?

The lemon bars meme originates in the r/bisexual subreddit on Reddit.

It humorously welcomes people to the bisexual community by promising lemon bar pastries.

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Where does lemon bars meme come from?

The Food Channel

The lemon bars meme started in May 2018 when Reddit user u/Tuxedo-T-Shirt posted a comment to the r/bisexual subreddit reading: “Welcome to the Bi Side! Have a lemon bar!”

The lemon bar greeting caught on and people, in true interest fashion, embellished it into a full meme online. Notable examples include a lemon bar dessert tray decorated to look like the bisexuality flag, as posted by u/llamadoctorsbabygirl, and a poster design featuring the flag, a picture of a lemon bar, and the Gadsden flag motto Don’t Tread on Me, as posted by u/NB419.

Come to the Bi side.. we have lemon bars ✨💖💜💙 from bisexual

Anti-biphobia Poster Design from bisexual

A month after the meme had gone viral, u/Tuxedo-T-Shirt made a post explaining that the choice of lemon bars was spontaneous. It was inspired in part by a Star Wars t-shirt printed with Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies., as well as the 1999 South Park Movie, where the main characters try to entice people to join their effort to save two TV actors by offering “punch and pie.”

Examples of lemon bars meme

I just started saying, "Welcome to the Bi side, we have lemon bars." and this subreddit went nuts.
Tuxedo-T-Shirt (user), Reddit, June, 2018
As promised!! Every bisexual gets a welcome lemon bar 🍋!! (Yes you get to choose what color/s)
llamadoctorsbabygirl (user), Reddit, May, 2018
I think I might not be a real bisexual because apparently we all love lemon bars and I just regular like them
@drmeat, September, 2018

Who uses lemon bars meme?

The lemon bars meme has mainly remained in circulation in the subreddit bisexuality community where it started. However, due to the popularity of the meme, some have made lemon bars the unofficial pastry (and broader symbol) of bisexuality, referencing the dessert in content related to the sexual orientation.

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