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make me a sandwich


What does make me a sandwich mean?

Make me a sandwich is an internet meme that men employ to annoy, insult, or dismiss women. It makes reference to the stereotype that women belong only in domestic spaces, such as the kitchen.

Where does make me a sandwich come from?

make me a sandwich
Know Your Meme

Make me a sandwich has been in use since the early 1990s as a catch-all phrase for dismissing women. It is often used in an attempt at humor, taking a dig at women who live outside prescribed gender roles.

Make me a sandwich was introduced to a much wider audience during a Saturday Night Live skit from December 16th, 1995. Tim Meadows plays John-John Mackey, a weatherman who tries desperately to sound hip as he announces the weather forecast. Mackey eventually gets confrontational with a stormfront, and demands that it go make him a sandwich.

Examples of make me a sandwich

“A blog cataloguing tweets using ‘make me a sandwich’ as a slur against women juxtaposed with hypocritical or vacuous tweets from their history”
Tim Meehan bitchsandwich Tumblr (Last post August 8, 2015)
“Jokingly commanded my wife to make me a sandwich...”
Andrew Park Egzo Imgur (May 4, 2015)
“People often ask me why I don’t reply to negative comments...For everyone who tells me to get back in the kitchen and make them a sandwich, I thought it would be helpful to make this tutorial. Please enjoy!”
Lilly Singh, “How To Make A Sandwich,” YouTube (November 21, 2016)

Who uses make me a sandwich?

The phrase has become very popular in online meme culture, and can be used maliciously or ironically.

Straightforward usage with malicious intent chiefly comes from male internet users or gamers who want to express their unhappiness with female participation in online communities. Make me a sandwich is purposefully offensive to women in this context, and is employed to make them feel unwelcome.

Conversely, make me a sandwich may be used to mock the sexism in gaming and on the internet. The phrase can be said in a parody of sexist bullying, generally between friends or acquaintances who understand the ironic usage. This phrase has inspired a blog called Go Make Me A Sandwich, which discusses online misogyny while promoting diversity in the gaming community.

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