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What does soi mean?

Mostly used in reference to the roflcopter meme, soi is an internet slang nonsense word that, when repeated by certain Microsoft text-to-speech software, is humorously said to sound like rotating helicopter blades.

Where does soi come from?

Examples of soi

What if u got a valentine's card that said "you make my roflcopter go soi soi soi soi"
@TikiPnch, December, 2017
The actual fuck? Microsoft David, and microsoft Mark read Soi, just like microsoft Sam, or at least very close to so. Just tried it. Not sure about words in general containing soi, but soi but self is the good old roflcopter sound.
@big_gun04, April, 2018
sorry but now everytime i hear microsoft's robot voice, the only thing that comes to my mind is[...]'my roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi soisoisoisoisoi' and something along that category.[...]the internet made my brain think differently now for a long time.[...]just saying..
tn83, comment on Lifehacker, August, 2011

Who uses soi?

Soi is most often used in reference to the roflcopter meme and game. It commonly appears in the humorous expression “(It makes)┬ámy roflcopter go soi soi soi soi,” used to convey delight, surprise, or affection for a subject.

Soi still enjoys some contemporary use in nostalgic reference to the meme, GIF, and early internet and gaming culture more generally.

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