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  1. Where Did The Name “Spring” Come From?

    So, about that season formerly-known-as lent … Originally, spring was known as lent, or the lenten season, which came from the Old English lengten, which means “to make longer or greater in length.” It is no surprise that the season was originally named after the fact that the days were getting longer. After all, back then natural sunlight and candlelight would have been the only light …

  2. How The Month Of December Got Its Name

    Ah, December, that time of year when storefronts are festooned with holiday decorations, and another year is reaching its close. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, December might mean pulling off your boots so you can curl up with your smartphone and read (hey, we can dream). But, what does the word December mean in the dictionary? And, where did the 12th month of …

  3. These Words Describe Cancers Perfectly

    It’s almost the end of June, which means summer is here and Cancer season is upon us. Obviously we’re talking about people born between June 21–July 22, meaning they are born under the Cancer sign of the zodiac. Cancer is the fourth sign (after Gemini and before Leo) in the zodiac calendar. Cancer (the word is Latin for crab) is also one of the four cardinal signs–specifically, it …

  4. Festivus

    Festivus is the name of a secular and non-commercial holiday characterized by the raising of an aluminum pole, the serving of a dinner, the airing of grievances, and the demonstration of feats of strength.
  5. text: Sankranti


    The word sankranti is used in the context of the Hindu calendar to refer to one of the 12 movements of the sun from one section of the zodiac to another. However, the word is…
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  8. From Carols To Cookies: The Stories Behind 12 Of Your Favorite Christmas Traditions

    Christmas is that special time of year that brings us joy—and at least a month and a half worth of hummable, merry carols to us all. Yes, Christmas is a magical time of good cheer, indeed! We’ve got mistletoe (for sneaking kisses), ugly-sweater competitions, and of course, the timeless traditions of decorating a tree, hanging up lights, and reminding kids to be nice so that Santa …

  9. photo of bowl of pongal (milk rice dish), blue filter.


    Pongal is a harvest and thanksgiving festival primarily celebrated in Southern India among Tamil communities. It marks the transition to springtime after the winter solstice. Observance of the festival centers around a traditional dish also…
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  11. Lunar New Year

    Lunar New Year is the observance of the start of a new year in a lunar or lunisolar calendar. The phrase is most often used to refer to the Lunar New Year celebration held in…
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