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or dog fart [dawg-fahrt]

What does Dogfart mean?

Dogfart is an interracial pornography production studio and website. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s called Dogfart.

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Where does Dogfart come from?


Honestly, it’s hard to imagine anything less arousing than an actual dog fart. OK, maybe the Alabama Hot Pocket. Yeah, definitely the Alabama Hot Pocket.

But, Dogfart Productions has managed to turn this unusual name into a leading porn company of the digital age best known for its interracial sex movies featuring black men and white women. Dogfart first set up shop on the internet in 1996 and is currently owned by the wealthy porn impresario Cable Rosenberg.

The company’s interracial pornography has drawn criticism. White supremacy groups dislike its interracial nature—because they’re racist. Social justice warriors, meanwhile, have criticized Dogfart for spreading damaging stereotypes about black men, including use of the N-word on set. In 2018, black adult film actor Maurice McKnight took legal action against the company after a female costar used the word during a sequence.

Despite this, the company remains successful today, though searches for Dogfart have dropped off since 2004, likely due to the rise of porn video websites like PornHub, which compiles videos from multiple companies into a user-generated database.

Examples of Dogfart

Dogfart is the best porn EVER!
@derrick_brown2, March, 2017
There’s a porn production company called ‘Dogfart Productions’....yeah that’s gonna be a no for me dog
@CujoeKing, January, 2018
Price, who has worked with Moe “The Monster” Johnson and Dogfart Productions on previous occasions, recalls being in similar situations where a director has asked her to say the N-word during a scene.
Aurora Snow, The Daily Beast, June, 2018

Who uses Dogfart?

People, yes, refer to canine flatulence as dog farts. But, when it’s grouped together in one word, they’re usually talking about porn. Dogfart porn, in particular, centers around sex scenes between black men and white women, as we said many times above.

Dogfart has a reputation for being racist, especially due to the way their videos portray black men as preying on white women.

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