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donut decor

[doh-nuht dey-kawr]

What does donut decor mean?

Who doesn’t love donuts? Donut decor is a fun, festive aesthetic involving decorating a room (or other space) with a donut theme or designing objects to look like donuts.

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Where does donut decor come from?

A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts

Donut decor (or décor) emerged as a popular trend in design, piggybacking on a surge of interest in donuts as food during the same time.

From weddings to children’s birthday parties, donut decor includes such features as donut centerpieces, donut garlands, and throws or tapestries made to look like pink icing with sprinkles, i.e., like a donut.

Aly Dosdall

Donut decor is also a popular decorating look for children’s rooms and play spaces, complete with wall decals and donut-shaped placemats.

The key to donut decor is bright colors—typically pink, yellow, and blue—and images of donuts, naturally. The donut decor aesthetic is associated with the kind of whimsical, charming look often found on sites like Etsy and Pinterest.

Some websites offer advice on how to create DIY donut decor, such as homemade donut wreaths as party decorations. But there is also plenty of donut decor for sale online, from donut pillows to organizers.


Examples of donut decor

I love when people send us fun donut decor at parties!!! It will never get old folks! #glazeisourname #donutsareourgame
@ag_glaze, November 2018
I'm not the only one who's a little hungry, because according to Etsy, there's been a big increase in people searching for cute avocado, tacos, and donut decor.
Rachel Chapman, Elite Daily, October 2018

Who uses donut decor?

According to Pinterest, donut decor is a popular wedding trend in 2019. It’s also a popular party theme for children, including birthday parties and quinceañeras.

Donut decor is also found as an interior decorating style for children…or children at heart.

Not everyone is a fan of donut decor, of course. Some find it irritating for its whimsy and cutesiness, especially as a wedding theme.

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