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flop account

What does flop account mean?

Flop account is a term that describes a social-media account used to debate things that the poster deems a “flop” or “cringeworthy.”

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Where does flop account come from?

Flop accounts are primarily found on Instagram, where creators post images and videos introducing controversial topics that they believe represent a “flop” or failure of some sort. The topic introduced in the image or video is usually debated in the comments section of Instagram, with followers weighing in on why the “flop” is cringeworthy (or not).

The origin of flop accounts is up for some debate, but one of the most popular origin stories focuses on accounts created to poke fun at YouTube stars who made Instagram users cringe. Now the accounts cover far more wide-ranging topics, from politics to racism to LGBTQ issues. 

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Examples of flop account

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Who uses flop account?

Flop accounts typically use some form of the word flop in the handle for their accounts, and the hashtag “#FlopAccount” is used to help Instagrammers interested in these types of accounts find the content.

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