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Who are the Hatters?

A Hatter is a student or member of the athletic program at Stetson University in Florida.

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Where does Hatters come from?

Examples of Hatters

You want to fight bro? #GoHatters
@TheCraigEvans, June, 2018
I am extremely blessed and honored to receive my first Division 1 offer to play football at Stetson University! #GoHatters
@MV_Star2, April, 2017
Hard to believe I have a 19 year old son today. Happy Birthday Matt and #GoHatters! @m_j_p_5
@RealCJ10, March, 2017

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Who uses Hatters?

If you’re a student at Stetson or a big fan, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll use the hashtag “#GoHatters” online and sing the school fight song with the chant “Let’s GO, HATTERS, GO!” You might shout out about your “#StetsonHatters” too.

If you’re not associated with the school, you may associate the term with the “Mad” Hatter of Alice and Wonderland. But, you might want to keep that one under your … well … hat, around the school. They’ve moved on from that version of John B. to his present-day cowboy look.

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