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It’s Everyday Bro

[its ev-ree-dey broh]

What does It's Everyday Bro mean?

It’s Everyday Bro is the title of one of the first songs and music videos released by YouTuber Jake Paul and his social-media crew. Its tagline is a lightning rod for those who love—and hate—Jake Paul.

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Where does It’s Everyday Bro come from?

Its Everyday Bro
Headline Planet

Released in May, 2017, It’s Everyday Bro is the title of one of the first major hits from massively popular YouTube creator Jake Paul.

In the video, Jake Paul and members of his social-media entourage Team 10 sing (sort of) and rap (kind of) about money, luxury cars, and the team’s newfound success—all of which he boasts is just part of his everyday life, bro, in the chorus.

Allegedly, It’s Everyday Bro was written, recorded, and taped in one day, though this hasn’t been fact checked.

PewDiePie, another YouTube creator mentioned in the song, reacted to Jake Paul’s diss of him in the song, sarcastically commenting in a reaction video that he “wants to die more than I’ve ever died before” after listening to the song. (Same, PewDiePie. Same.)

Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet is widely believed to be the “you” referenced in the song:

Yeah, I’m talking about you, you beggin’ for attention
Talking shit on Twitter too but you still hit my phone last night
It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove
And all the recordings too, don’t make me tell them the truth.

Alissa Violet partnered with creator RiceGum to release Its EveryNight Sis in June, 2017, a clever response to her takedown.

Examples of It’s Everyday Bro

People Think Logan Paul Is Done With Vlogs For Good, But It’s Just Not Going To Be Every Day, Bro
Remy Smidt, BuzzFeed, April, 2018
@jakepaul The hurricane is hitting Beaumont Texas (east of Houston) which is where I'm at so yea it's everyday bro
@kevslinares, August, 2017
It's Everyday Bro It's Almost Everyday Bro It's Most Days Bro It's Some Days Bro It's A Couple Of Days Bro It's A Few Days Bro It's On The Occasional Day Bro It's Once In A Blue Moon Bro It's Never On Any Day Bro
@TripleKyun, May, 2018

Who uses It’s Everyday Bro?

Opinion about It’s Everyday Bro is divided, much like people’s feelings about Jake Paul.

Some users get into its original intention, using the phrase it’s everyday bro as a way to flaunt their successes or self-confidence. Stickers and other merchandise are available to broadcast the grandstanding lyrics from the song for buyers who want them.

Many other users, like PewDiePie, would rather have the world come to an end than hear about the song ever again.

As with most viral sensations, the It’s Everyday Bro song, video, and tagline have seen a few parodies.

On the nice list is merchandise sports puns on the tagline, like a t-shirt from Redbubble that reads “It’s Christmas Day Bro.”

On the naughty list, there’s Bart Baker’s parody and others like it, which take shots at members of Team 10.

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