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or MMO Champ [em em oh cham-pee-uh n]

What does MMO-Champion mean?

MMO-Champion is a popular internet forum where fans of the online game World of Warcraft share tips, news, and previews.

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Where does MMO-Champion come from?

MMO Champion

The name of the website MMO-Champion.com comes from the abbreviation MMO(RPG), which stands for massively multiplayer online (role-playing games) like World of Warcraft, and champion, a “winner” or “victor” in a contest.

MMO-Champion started in March, 2007. It’s managed by Boubouille, the username of a French writer and World of Warcraft gamer who launched the site in 2007, along with a handful of forum moderators and special project developers working for Major League Gaming. As with most fan-forum websites, its mission is to provide a place for gamers to connect online about their favorite hobby—and for some, profession.

Examples of MMO-Champion

I didn't find anything on patch notes, hotfix news or forums, but I did see it on MMO-Champion that they'd fixed the whole AFK-Argus-Invasions thing apparently.
@skulldaisygimp, February, 2018
MMO Champion is the guy in the office that KNOWS you recorded Game of Thrones to watch later but is going to tell you what happened anyway
@warcraftstats, May, 2014
According to datamined changes found by MMO-Champion, Arcane Torrent has undergone a transformation, and it’s not for the better. Now, instead of a silence, Arcane Torrent will dispel one beneficial buff from all enemies within 8 yards, while still restoring some resource.
Patrick Ross, Adventures in Poor Taste!, April, 2018

Who uses MMO-Champion?

MMO-Champion has a reputation for being on top of the latest buzz about online games such as World of Warcraft.

It’s most common to find the website in the news when someone on the forums leaks a major feature, release date, or hack about a popular game.

Early on, MMO-Champion gained a bit of a reputation for overwhelming other websites with traffic. It wasn’t uncommon for a gaming website to get MMO-Champ’t, crashed by a sudden high volume of gamers responding to a post about the website. It just goes to show how many people follow the MMO-Champion forums. World of Warcraft itself has had over five-million subscribers across the globe during the 2010s.

MMO-Champion forums have also expanded to cover politics and other non-gaming topics. Most of the threads on these off-topic forums tend to get a little … well, controversial.

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