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What does Nutflix mean?

Nutflix is a fake startup company made up by comedian John Oliver in support of net neutrality in 2014. Oliver imagined it to play only videos of men getting kicked in the crotch, though many others propose it as a name for adult film rental or streaming services.

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Where does Nutflix come from?


In 2003, an internet user facetiously proposed Nutflix for a pornographic DVD rental company—a term, concept, and apparent hope that continued to 2010, when it was so defined on Urban Dictionary.

On a 2014 episode of his HBO news-satire show Last Week Tonight, comedian John Oliver blasted policies against net neutrality by arguing an internet “fast line” would allow powerful entities, like Netflix, to squeeze out his rhetorical startup, Nutflix, which he imagined exclusively showed videos of men getting kicked in the nuts—just like Oliver feels the elimination of net neutrality does for consumers.

Oliver’s segment went viral, as the comedian’s work often does, ushering Nutflix into meme-dom. By the end of the year, searches for Nutflix soared, perhaps from people hoping Oliver’s site was real. Merchandise and Facebook pages popped up,too.

As of summer 2018, though, neither the porno-renting nor groin-rending Nutflix have come to pass.

Examples of Nutflix

Netflix needs a porn alternative called Nutflix.  
@HimDownstrz, November 2017
I'd subscribe to John Oliver 's #Nutflix. Stuff like that is just plain funny.
@msjuliejones, October 2014
Even when the comedian John Oliver attempted to enliven the issue in 2014 by imagining a startup website featuring crotch injury videos and called “Nutflix,” I couldn’t bring myself to click on the video of his bit. Net. Neutrality. No thanks. Zzzzzz…
Andy Martino, The Outline, May 2017

Who uses Nutflix?

Nutflix usually refers to the imaginary company by John Oliver, which means the term has also become associated with fights for net neutrality.

That said, there are still plenty of people hoping that a porno delivery service called Nutflix someday becomes a reality. (Hint hint: It already does. It’s called the internet.) And each time somebody proposes Nutflix, they think they are the first and cleverest one to come up with the idea.

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