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What is a shacket?

A shacket is a shirtlike article of clothing that’s typically worn like a jacket (hence its name, which is a combination of the words shirt and jacket). It’s perhaps more commonly simply called a shirt jacket.

A shacket is usually worn over a shirt in the same way that a jacket is (as opposed to being worn as a main top). It’s typically larger than a shirt and uses heavier fabric but is still often lighter than a jacket. Unlike most jackets, shackets don’t often include a lining.

Shackets are often intended to be worn when the weather is colder but not cold enough to warrant a heavy jacket.

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Where does shacket come from?


The word shacket is a combination of the words shirt and jacket in reference to the fact that it’s a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket. The term shirt jacket is also commonly used. The word overshirt is sometimes used to refer to the same thing, but this word is not common.

The word shacket has been used to refer to articles of clothing that resemble shirt-jacket hybrids since at least the 1940s. However, the word was not commonly used until much later. Online use of the term dates to at least the early 2000s.

The word shacket gained use during the 2010s and after as the clothing item became more popular.

Examples of shacket

I bought a shacket. It’s soft and cute and comfy. Can we keep these as a permanent trend?
@AndiPerelman, August 29, 2021
A quilted shacket with a truly rich print from Levi's and Denim Tears, for example, will catch everyone’s eye in the best way possible.
Barry Samaha, Esquire, July 2022

Who uses shacket?

The term shacket is now a relatively common way of referring to such a garment, which is perhaps more commonly referred to as simply a shirt jacket.

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