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Who is a Sooner?

A Sooner is person who lives in the state of Oklahoma. It is also a nickname for students and athletes at the University of Oklahoma.

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Examples of Sooner
In the heart of Shorthorn country. #Sooners
@chrisfay187, June, 2018
I'll be on Campus 9:00 am sharp. Yessir time to get it #ItsOurTime #Sooners
@BreyWalker, June, 2018
"We are good at learning lessons. When we have had our losses, we bounce back in a strong way." - #Sooners coach Patty Gasso
@John_McKelvey, May, 2018
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Where does Sooner come from?
Who uses Sooner?

The way Sooner is used depends on who is using it. Residents of the state may describe themselves as proud Sooners, while people outside the state may describe folks who live in Oklahoma as such.

University of Oklahoma athletes, students, and fans use the hashtags “#Sooners” and “#SoonerNation” on social media in reference to the school and its activities.

Although Oklahoma state residents who attend Oklahoma State University are technically Sooners because of where they live, they tend to avoid using the name of their sports rival.

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