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or truly [troo-lee]

What does truely mean?

Truely is a form of the adverb truly, once historically accepted but now a misspelling.

Where does truely come from?

Examples of truely

Its nuts to see you continue to improve this far into the game big swips, truely inspirational
@Skwigglee, February, 2018
And truely, had not the untimely death of King Vortimer himselfe also immediately succeeded, it was to be hoped, that the Saxons should never after have returned into this Iland.
William Lambarde, A Perambulation of Kent,ed., 1826
I point out the same. The left have brainwashed many. They moan about housing, services and the NHS but want more migrants. It's truely mad. Blind belief in a flawed idiology.
@rec777777, February, 2018

Who uses truely?

Whether as a typo or genuine error, truely is widely used as a misspelling of truly in written communication, especially online, though it’s usage is still vastly outnumbered by truly.

Be mindful that misspellings of truely in formal writing (e.g., essays, resumes) will usually be judged as uneducated, unprofessional, or just sloppy writing.

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