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What does weagle mean?

A weagle is a fictional eagle-like bird. It is the logo of the Washington Capitals NHL team.

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Examples of Weagle

If @Capitals win 2-1 tonight I’ll get the weagle tattood on my arm
@ryanalsot, June, 2018
Alan May is speechless right now with Caps fans chanting his name and some dude in a Weagle Elvis costume. #ALLCAPS
@MichaelArtz, May, 2018
As I was walking in Stamford CT with my pup and my weagle shirt on, I did have one guy say "Go Caps, beat Vegas!" (He was a Sharks fan) so that was pretty nice. #ALLCAPS
@Athryn, June, 2018

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Who uses Weagle?

Washington Capital fans use both the icon and the word weagle when talking about their favorite team in regular speech and online.

Twitter has made that easier by adding an icon (or hashflag) of the weagle that automatically appears on all tweets that include the Capitals’ official social-media hashtag #ALLCAPS.

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