9 Different Ways To Say Stupid

Stupid is as stupid does

Let's be honest. When we get annoyed with someone, chances are we're going to refer to them in a disparaging manner to some extent, either verbally or in our thoughts. There are a few typical go-to words we think of, right? Let's use this moment to inspire a little creativity (and don't worry, we won't need to bridge into profanity to get our point across). Note that inflection is key—the change of your tone can do a lot, as well as the volume!


Dumb is a common reference, and depending on the context, you can usually get away with using this one if you're not too harsh in the presentation. We define it as "lacking intelligence or good judgment, stupid, or dull-witted." It's often used in self-deprecating mode, as in "Ah, I really did a dumb thing there." Not terribly high on the insult scale for most folks.


Now we're getting a little more personal. Our definition of a dope is "a stupid person or an idiot." Example: "only a dope would refuse that chance." Dope has several other meanings, of course.

Keep scrolling, we can only get more insulting from here—we're not idiots.


Our definition for a fool is "a silly or stupid person, or a person who lacks judgment or sense."

An alternate reference is "a professional jester, formerly kept by a person of royal or noble rank for amusement, the court fool." Kings and queens back in the day had a guy working for them who wore a silly hat and costume, and he'd juggle balls and act like a fool for their amusement (but in those cases, hopefully he was getting paid for it).


A true insult—there isn't not much room to misinterpret brainless. Inflection won't swerve this one in a different direction. If someone is brainless, they're "mentally weak, foolish, witless, and stupid." Ouch.


You're really going after someone with this one. It's usually spoken with a fair amount of anger. We define idiot as "an utterly foolish or senseless person."

One appropriately harsh example: "If you think you can wear that outfit to a job interview and get hired, you're an idiot!"


A moron refers to "a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment." This term was also once used in the psychology field, but is no longer in technical use as it's now considered offensive in that context.


This one isn't really in usage much anymore. Dating from 1635, it means "feeble-minded, foolish, and stupid."


A good cousin to "brainless", mindless means "without intelligence, senseless, a mindless creature." Seems like one you'd mutter under your breath rather than saying out loud, no?


Thick is also related to dense. In that case, you're speaking of the thickness or density of an object. In this use, it's defined as "stupid and dull-witted."

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