Dictionary Conversation Hearts For Your Valentine

Sweet conversation hearts for your sweetie

When you really think about it, Valentine’s Day is all about words. You send love letters. You write valentines. And, of course, you snack on and share those classic candy hearts.

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Conversation hearts have become a Valentine’s Day staple, not just because they’re a sweet treat, but also because they give people an easy way to share cute messages with their friends and loved ones.

And let’s face it, there’s nothing we love more here at Dictionary.com than the chance to show someone how you feel with words!

Whether you’re celebrating your Galentine or flirting with someone special on Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a perfect conversation heart for you. Best of all: They’re all free to print or screenshot and share with that special someone. Just do us a favor: tag @dictionarycom and use the hashtag #DictionaryLove if you share on social media!

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I use the Oxford comma

Oooooh, shiver. 

The Oxford comma has been popping up in dating profiles for the past few years because people have very strong opinions about this tiny bit of punctuation.

If your sweetie is a sucker for the serial comma (an alternate name for the Oxford comma), show them just how well you punctuate with this sweet little missive.

Click here to grab the downloadable version.

You spell nice

It’s no secret that words are the way to our hearts, especially when they’re spelled correctly.

Let someone special know you ran your relationship through spellcheck, and there are no errors.

Click here to grab the downloadable version.

Let's define the relationship

Words have definitions. So do relationships.

We can’t tell you if it’s time to define the relationship, but we can help you find the right words to ask the question.

Click here to grab the downloadable version.

My modifiers don't dangle

This conversation heart doesn’t leave room for ambiguity. You are a grammarian through and through, and you know how to handle your modifiers.

Click here to grab the downloadable version.

I love you period

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. Punctuate your declarations of affection with a note that does just that.

Click here to grab the downloadable version.

What's your syntax?

Forget astrological signs. What we really want to know is how you feel about the rules and patterns for the formation of grammatical sentences in a language.

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To love is an infinitive

If your love of the English language goes from infinity to beyond, you know an infinitive is the simple or basic form of the verb.

Nothing says “let’s get wordy” like knowing your verbs.

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Your superlative's the best

Is there anything sweeter than the superlative form of a word? Maybe whispering “I know best is better than good” in your loved one’s ears.

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Reading's for lovers

Sorry, Virginia, but we’re looking to keep it nerdy this Valentine’s Day.

Pass this candy heart on over to a friend or pal who wouldn’t be afraid to put bibliophile in their Instagram bio.

Click here to grab the downloadable version.

You're a definite article

A. The. An. They’re all articles, and they’re the building blocks of many a sentence.

Show your fellow word lover they’re the building block to your heart by letting them know you know they’re the real thing.

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