Five English Words Without A Rhyme


This funny word comes from the Ancient Greek word for onion, bolbas. In the early 1800s, the word was applied to scientific instruments of a similar shape, including the thermometer bulb and the light bulb. It still hasn't found a word to rhyme with though. What other words do bards among us avoid?


This common fruit was first cultivated in Asia in 2500 B.C. The English word orange comes from the Persian word narana. Though they are tasty, they are not poets' favorite fruit because the unusual word is very difficult to rhyme in English. There is one very rare English word that rhymes with orange, sporange, which refers to an encasing for spores in plants. What more heavenly term lacks a rhyme?


Angel comes from the Greek word, angelos, which meant "messenger of God." However, its commonly confused cousin, angle, does have many rhymes. What word for a precious metal cannot find a rhyme? Find out next.


The word silver is from the Gothic word silubr. Its atomic symbol is Ag from the word argent, the Latin word for silver. Maybe if silver had a rhyme, it wouldn't be second to gold. You probably use the next word every day.


The common -th ending takes on many different pronunciations, as in these other words without rhymes: depth, breadth, and width. These words share similar sounds, but none of them are perfect rhymes.

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