1. The Funniest Lines In Literature

  2. When The Movies Can’t Compare To Our Favorite Books

  3. The Most Clever Essay Hacks You Know You Used In School

    Writing an academic paper can be hard. There's a set word count to abide by and page limit to follow—and obviously a lot of research and writing that goes into it. But, some slick students have tried using clever hacks that make the overall process a little less grueling. Here are some of the most crafty (and downright ridiculous) tricks students have used when turning in a research paper.

  4. Kids Sing The Darndest Things

  5. We Love Libraries And These Quotes Prove It

  6. How Word Lovers Name Their Pets

  7.’s Top 10 Emoji With Hidden Meanings

  8. They Didn’t Say That: Commonly Misattributed Quotes

  9. laughinggif

    Medical Terms You Didn’t Know Existed

    If you fancy yourself a modern-day Florence Nightingale, or if you just really like to look up your symptoms late at night online, these 10 weird medical terms need to be added to your vernacular faster than you can say "diagnosis."

  10. These Quotes Show The Power of Education

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