Yummy Cocktails With Nasty-Sounding Names

Monkey Gland

What could possibly be appetizing about a monkey’s gland? Featuring a combination of gin, absinthe, and orange juice, Monkey Gland doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it sounds. Turns out this cocktail was named after a quack doctor’s bizarre experiments that involved grafting primate tissue to human hosts. Yikes!


A glass of chemical substance made for a car’s engine? Pour us a glass. Not! Well, this cocktail isn’t actually made out of that type of antifreeze – phew! It’s just named after it. A simple mixture of vodka and melon liqueur, this concoction is refreshing and decidedly not poisonous.

Duck Fart

Made as a shot, the Alaska-based Duck Fart is not only delicious but pretty to look at. Layered with Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Crown Royal, the end result is striped with brown, white, and yellow, making for a colorful creation.

According to legend, this drink was named after how your body reacts to imbibing it – and you know, the gases that soon follow. Probably best consumed in loud places.

Blue Balls

If you have the balls – er, guts – to order this drink at the bar, more power to you. Once you get past the embarrassing name, you probably won’t be disappointed. A fruity mixture of coconut rum, peach schnapps, and blue curacao liqueur, the only thing blue about this drink is the vibrant color.

Apparently, this drink came about thanks to a popular juggler in Paris. He ended each performance with large blue balls on pointed stakes that erupted with the cocktail mixture, splashing the crowd.

Buttery Nipple

Another mighty shot but with a more sexual name, the buttery nipple has become a traditional sip in the cocktail world. Combining butterscotch schnapps with Irish cream, this cocktail’s texture is smooth and the taste is ultra sweet.

Fuzzy Navel

A fuzzy navel? More like a lint-infested belly button. Yuck. But while this cocktail’s name isn’t very tempting, its ingredients are. With a saucy mixture of orange juice with peach schnapps, you have a fruity drink that’s ideal for the beachgoers.

Sex With an Alligator

This just sounds downright impossible. But thankfully, the ingredients in this drink aren’t too hard to swallow. Sex with an Alligator is made up of Jägermeister, raspberry, melon liqueur, and sweet and sour mix, creating a powerful blend of naughty and nice. Although no one seems to know where this cocktail got its name, we’re thinking it has to do with the drink’s greenish color. Or perhaps the real reason is best left unknown.

Screaming Orgasm

Some things should be left in the bedroom, but this drink isn’t one of them. Besides its raunchy name, a Screaming Orgasm isn’t as sexual as it wants you to believe – and actually, it’s quite yummy. Blend vodka, cream, Amaretto, and Kahlua for a rich and creamy sip that just might make you scream in delight.

Word on the street (or at the bar) is this cocktail got its name because of the ladies who drink it. Apparently, boozy drinks loaded with cream make ladies go wild in the bar.

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