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back dimples

or Venus dimples [bak] or [Vee-nuh s dim-puh lz]

What does back dimples mean?

Back dimples refer to the indentations on the lower back that appear naturally on some people. They are often considered sexy, especially on women.

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Where does back dimples come from?


Back dimples, also known as lateral lumbar indentations, are largely up to genetics: If a parent has back dimples, it’s likely you will, too, although being in good shape can help. Despite the fact that it’s largely hereditary, some consider those with back dimples to have good luck.

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Back dimples were originally described in medical texts with the Latin terminology fossae lumbales laterales. According to folk etymology, the master Italian sculptor Michelangelo coined the term dimples of Venus to describe back dimples back in the 16th century. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and romance, and Michelangelo apparently found these dimples irresistible. He is also said to have called the male equivalent the dimples of Apollo.


Back dimples to describe this feature became more common in the 20th century. Although back dimples is a less tantalizing term than Venus dimples, it didn’t stop people from finding them any less attractive. In the internet age, memes extolling the sexiness of women with back dimples make the rounds. That’s not to mention the persistent rumor that women with back dimples orgasm more easily because “the dimples facilitate good circulation around the pelvis area, and that helps you climax,” according to a 2017 article in Cosmopolitan.


Examples of back dimples

Can we do a back dimple appreciation night ladies?
@_sirhampton_, January, 2016
Still very much a niche fascination that is bubbling under on Tumblr blogs at the moment, there has yet to be a celebrity back dimple explosion. It will come.
Emine Saner, The Guardian, November, 2013

Who uses back dimples?

Having back dimples is often considered a sign of sexiness, and, by some, being good at sex. Online users enjoy chatting about both men and women who have back dimples—and what it might say about them.

Some people even pay to have plastic surgery to get back dimples … anything to look good, apparently.

Back dimple piercings, or dermals, which draw attention to that sexy spot and to the butt more generally, have grown in popularity. They can be dangerous, however, as getting them caught on something can seriously hurt.

The term back dimple is much more commonly used than its divine synonym, the dimples of Venus or Venus dimples.

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