or bitty

[bid-ee] or [bit-ee]

What does biddy or bitty mean?


Bitty describes something small or fragmentary. Additionally, it and a variant term, biddy, refer to a woman, particularly a nosy, old woman or a sexualized young woman. It can also be a slang term for breasts.

Examples of biddy


Examples of biddy
I wanna BAD bitty 😓
@JoeyFoss5, November 2018
In an explanation page for itty bitty sites—stored, of course, as itty bitty site—Jitkoff says this allows for a “significant reduction in size for HTML, and allows for a printed page worth of content in many cases."
Nick Statt, The Verge, July 2018

Where does biddy come from?

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Biddy first popped up in the 17th century. It was initially another name for young chickens before taking human form come the 1700s. This biddy stems from the Irish name Bridget, and became a means of addressing female servants.

Biddy soon came to encompass young women in general. Later in the same century, biddy became a name for a kind of fussy, older woman that had the irritating habit of sticking her nose in matters where it didn’t belong.

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For a brief period of time in the early 1900s, biddy was even a name given to police officers.

By 1969, the word had joined a list of many other nicknames for female breasts, all of which are just as mature as the next.

Bitty is a bit greener, going back to around 1890–95. Initially a British term, bitty was at first ascribed to something containing or consisting of small bits. It is also a shorter version of the term bitsy, a childish way of stating something is small dating to around 1905.

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In black slang, both biddy and bitty transitioned into a slang term for a young woman in the US starting around the 1980s and 1990s. By 1998, bitty also surfaced on the internet as an alternate way of saying “large breasts,” playing on the phrase “tig old bitty,” a twist on “big old titty.” This goes to show that even as early as 1998, the internet was sprouting utter genius.

Who uses biddy?

Many would recognize bitty’s variant, bitsy, from the popular nursery rhyme, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” As an adjective, bitty has a playful, childish force.

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Despite its nursery rhyme associations, bitty still has adult appeal. Sir Mix-a-lot notably outlined his ideal body type to audiences everywhere in his 1992 hit single, “Baby Got Back (I Like Big Butts).” His preference: a girl with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing, preferably in his face. Indeed, bitty often appears in the expression itty-bitty.

When it comes to women, both bitty and biddy can have two different connotations. When used as an insult toward an older woman—an “old bitty” or “old biddy”—the terms are meant to paint her as an out-of-touch shrew who meddles more than she helps. With regards to younger woman, the word has more variance. Like the term chick, young bitties or biddies typically refer to your average young girl, although the term often has sexual undertones.

Both bitty and biddy can also refer to breasts. The popular UK television show, Little Britain, has an ongoing sketch concerning bitty in just that manner. It involves one of the characters (an older man played by David Walliams) who demands he get breast fed by declaring, “I want bitty.” There was also once a website, You could probably guess what was on it.

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