or beej

[bee-jey] or [beej]

What does BJ mean?


BJ is short for blowjob, slang for fellatio, causing people to laugh any time they visit the wholesale club chain BJ's or meet someone who goes by the initials B.J.

Examples of BJ


Examples of BJ
Waking up to head is the way i deserve to wake up everyday! Quick clip added on the XXX page, enjoy subscribe on my website listed on profile! #findom #bwc #bj #paypigs
@CashMasterShawn, July, 2018
This concept doesn’t have to mean a blowjob, of course. If your partner’s love language is sandwiches, then switch out the BJ for a PB&J.
Bas Johnson, Scary Mommy, July, 2018

Where does BJ come from?

The act of a BJ, of course, is ancient, recorded even in some kinky Egyptian myths. The actual term BJ, however, has been shortened from the slightly older blowjob since the 1940s. BJ itself has been later shortened to beej.

Since then, BJ has become a more humorous, euphemistic alternative to blowjob, referenced throughout popular culture. The 2006 comedy film Beerfest makes a joke on the abbreviation when a character describes paid sex: “It’s $10 for a BJ, $12 for an HJ, $15 for a ZJ…” HJ is hand job while the ZJ is a fictional act and punchline. In her 2014 song “Want Some More,” Nicki Minaj also makes a BJ pun when she raps: “These bitches suck, so I nickname these bitches ‘BJ’.”

The wholesale club retailer BJ’s was founded in 1984 in Massachusetts and has since spread around the East Coast. For all of us who giggle when we pass one, just know it’s named after Beverly Jean Weich, the daughter of former president Mervyn Welch. Don’t feel left out on the joke, West Coasters: BJ‘s is a popular restaurant and brewery in your neck of the woods.

Who uses BJ?

While still vulgar, BJ is much milder than blowjob and stronger terms like sucking dick. Though it still sees plenty of use as a tag in online porn and in casual conversations about sex, the commonness of the initials often lend it to more humorous uses.

Many popular publications, such as Cosmopolitan, take advantage of its more euphemistic nature to advise readers on topics ranging from how best to give a BJ to how it can benefit relationships. So, read on, lovebirds, read on.

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