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bubble butt

[buhb-uh l buht]

What does bubble butt mean?

🍑 Like bubbles, butts are round and they pop. The end.

But if you want a little bit more … A bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt designates attractive butts that are especially firm and round, giving the impression they’re about to burst from their jeans.

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Where does bubble butt come from?

bubble butt

We’ve had a love affair with butts since the dawn of time. One of the world’s oldest known statues, the Venus of Willendorf, was made around 30,000 BCE. It’s one of the earliest examples in art of a big booty—long associated with fertility and eroticism, though different shapes and sizes have been valued throughout the ages.


The specific term bubble butt, though, doesn’t appear until the 1940s, first appearing as a nickname for an American solider, Bubble Butt Nelson. The term took off in the 1960–70s, though, when more athletic bottoms began to gain traction on key celebrity figures like Raquel Welch and Grace Jones.

The love of the bubble butt remains strong, and it has shifted in the 2000s to fuller-figured asses. Superstars such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj have brought their bubble butts to the forefront of their careers, with Kardashian even breaking the internet in 2014 with her legendary asset.

Examples of bubble butt

She #twerking that round #bubblebutt...
@bigbuttfemales1, June, 2018
Look at these tiddies, double D's, it's double-dutch / I be on the strip, dungarees with the bubble butt / Pumpin' that kilo, that ki!  
Azealia Banks, "The Big Big Beat" (song), 2016
Lauren showed off her 'bubble butt' bum - the result of what she said were squats and weight training, plus a cheeky £10,000 Brazilian bum lift - on Instagram, captioning the naughty snaps with a peach emoji.
Emmeline Saunders, Daily Mirror, May, 2018

Who uses bubble butt?

Bubble butts are seen as a covetable asset by many women. In the popular media, there’s many “tips” out there for women to get the perfect bubble shape. Entire social-media accounts are even dedicated to sharing the beauty of the bubble butt.

Many hip-hop songs have worshipped the bubble butt. Most notably, Major Lazer released a 2013 single, Bubble Butt, featuring Bruno Mars and Big Sean. It’s hook is “Bubble butt, bubble, bubble, bubble butt,” and the video is five minutes of pure bubble butt madness.

Despite the airiness in its description, bubble butt may be used in a derogatory way, particularly as the butt of many jokes. Some may use it as a way to call someone fat.

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