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or c-suite (see-sweet)

What does C-suite mean?

C-suite refers to the group of the highest-level executive positions within a corporation.

Where does C-suite come from?

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In the corporate world, c-suite is used to refer to those within the most senior group—or suite, in the sense of “set”—of managers in a company.

The names of these positions generally begin with the letter C for chief, including the chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO), and chief information officer (CIO), among others. People in this suite are also referred to as c-level or c-level executives.

Use of the term has steadily risen since at least 2004, and it now may refer to a broader idea of those in positions of power and authority.

Examples of C-suite

Casey Foss (@cfoss24) shares how she’s learned to balance motherhood with a career in the C-Suite
West Monroe Careers, January 2018
Indeed, C-suite executives note that the cannabis industry is closer to gender parity than any other industry and a multitude of new verticals are ripe for female entrepreneurs seeking to make their name
Kristina Libby, Entrepreneur, January 2017
I commit to speak up for, support and celebrate the advancement of women into all corporate roles—in particular at the levels of VP and higher, including the C-Suite and the Board—where the lack of gender parity is most acute.
@treybean, January 2018

Who uses C-suite?

C-suite was originally, and is still, used as business jargon for corporate senior management.

It has extended to informal shorthand for “making it to the top” of a business, and it is increasingly used outside the business world as slang for inclusion among the most important or elite people within a given community or enterprise.

C-suite can act as a collective noun for senior management (e.g., the c-suite) as well as a modifier for such a level of authority (e.g., c-suite responsibilities).

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