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chucky egg

or chuckie egg [chuhk-ee eg]

What does chucky egg mean?

A chucky egg is a British regional term for a chicken egg, especially when it is soft-boiled and chopped up. It is also used as a term of endearment.

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Where does chucky egg come from?

chucky egg

Chucky appears to be a regional variant and baby-talk form of the word chicken in Northern England and Scotland as well as Australia and New Zealand. In parts of Northern England and Scotland, a chucky egg can refer to any chicken egg (also called a chook egg) or one that has been soft-boiled. Chucky egg especially refers to a dish served to young children featuring soft-boiled eggs chopped into pieces, seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter, and served with slices of toast, known as soldiers.

Due to its associations with children’s breakfast or children’s speech, a chucky egg is also a term of endearment in Northern England and Scotland, like “dear” or “darling,” when a teacher praises a student: “Well done, chucky egg.

hucky egg appears at least by the 1980s both as an affectionate term and food item. The term was popularized by a 1983 computer game Chuckie Egg, where the player controls a character named Hen-House Harry who is tasked with collecting chicken eggs. A sequel, Chuckie Egg 2, was released in 1985. The term earned entry in Urban Dictionary in 2010.

Examples of chucky egg

Anyone else like 'chucky egg' in a cup? 🙂 #boringlunch…
@hma1909, April, 2018
@rosiemallison I love you chucky egg xxxxxxxxxxxxxx even though you did ditch me at lunch today 😩
@dandyhunt, March, 2013
In an ideal world, tomorrow you and I would be eating eggs that were laid, at the most, three days beforehand: as fresh a chucky-egg as possible from a private range of loved chuckies.
Simon Hopkinson, The Independent, April, 1995

Who uses chucky egg?

Chucky egg is primarily used as a regional British term (notably documented in Lancashire and Yorkshire) for a preparation of boiled chicken eggs or as a term of endearment along the lines of “sweetie,” often from an older person to a younger one.

The video game Chuckie Egg, often misspelled as Chucky Egg, is occasionally referenced with nostalgia or in the context of early gaming culture.

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