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clean girl aesthetic

[ kleen gurl es-thet-ik ]

What is clean girl aesthetic?

The term clean girl aesthetic refers to a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trend based around a look that’s intended to appear elegantly casual but also minimalist and effortless.

The term was popularized on and is particularly associated with TikTok. A girl or woman who adheres to or is thought to embody the clean girl aesthetic may be referred to (or refer to herself) as a clean girl. The hashtag #cleangirl is often used.

Elements typically considered part of the aesthetic include using makeup products that give the appearance of using little or no makeup at all; styling hair in a bun, updo, or braided ponytail; and wearing casual clothes in muted color palettes.

Lifestyle components stereotypically associated with the aesthetic include those that give the impression of stress-free, “clean” living, such as morning workout routines, matcha and healthy smoothies, and minimalist décor.

The aesthetic has been criticized for creating unrealistic beauty and lifestyle standards, especially ones that are intended to look effortless but are the opposite. Some critics note that the term can imply that those who do not adhere to the aesthetic are somehow “dirty.” Critics also point out that many elements of the trend are often attributed to or associated with white women when those elements have a long history of use by Women of Color.

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Where does clean girl aesthetic come from?

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The terms clean girl and clean girl aesthetic were popularized on TikTok as part of a trend that emerged in late 2021. The word clean refers to the desired appearance of simultaneous flawlessness and effortlessness—and the type of lifestyle associated with such a look.

The word girl has a history of use in slang terms related to the social media personas of girls and young women, such as in soft girl and VSCO girl. The word aesthetic is also applied to other looks and the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle trends they involve.

Examples of clean girl aesthetic

everyones talking about a clean girl aesthetic and idk how so many people can actually do that
@ev_robertson, December 26, 2022
The Asprey ring was the perfect accessory for Meghan’s floor length gown that featured an off the shoulder neckline and thigh side split. She also wore her hair in a slick, low bun, every inch the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic.
Kristina Beanland, Metro, December 2022

Who uses clean girl aesthetic?

The term clean girl aesthetic is especially associated with TikTok and influencers who are considered examples of the trend. The term clean girl is often used by itself, including in the form of the hashtag #cleangirl, especially by girls and women who identify with the aesthetic. Some people criticize the term and the aesthetic for various reasons.

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