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What does crine mean?

On social media, especially Twitter, crine is used as an alternate spelling of cryin' (crying), as in "for crine out loud". Crine can also refer to "hair" or a "head of hair." In Scottish English, crine means "to shrink or shrivel," especially with age or heat, or "to dry up."

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Examples of crine
I want a body like Kendall’s I’m crine
@justinsdaenerys, January 2019
I would not have believed that one of the principal rooms in my father's house could have crined (shrunk) into a hole like this.
Sarah Tyler, Miss Nance, 1899
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Where does crine come from?

Crine, for “hair” or a “head of hair,” comes from the Latin word crinis, meaning “hair.” These days it’s an obsolete word, recorded in English in the 1580s.

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In Scottish English (Scots), crine means “to shrink” or “shrivel.” The word comes from the Scottish Gaelic word crìon, “to wither.” This word is recorded in the early 16th century. Some variant forms are kreen, cryne, and crein.

Besides these older uses of the word crine, the word was used as an alternate spelling of cryin’ (a colloquial pronunciation of crying, with the spelling based on sound) by at least 1997. Initially, the spelling crine for cryin’ was humorously associated with Texas dialects, and later, Black English.

By the 2000s, crine had spread more widely on social media and was commonly found on sites like Twitter and in memes.

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Who uses crine?

Crine, for “hair,” has largely fallen out of use, and the meaning “to shrivel,” is also becoming increasingly rare. So, expect to encounter crine as a spelling of cryin’.

The “crying” crine is closely associated with Black Twitter. Online, people may spell cryin’ as crine for humorous (or dramatic) effect, often to express cry-laughing.

It’s frequently found in the expression I’m crine, as in a person “crying” from some overwhelming feeling–usually as laughter, excitement, happiness, and occasionally empathy and sadness.


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