crop dusting

or crop dust or crop duster

[krop duhst-ing]

What does crop dusting mean?


Crop dusting is the act of farting while walking, dragging the smell around with you and spreading its stank-y love.

Examples of crop dusting


Examples of crop dusting
I just farted in the federal building. #cropdusting #swigityswooty
@bigbootyben69, June, 2014
is there a support group I can join.... my cat is constantly crop dusting me and it is humiliating
@hannughhh, August, 2018

Where does crop dusting come from?



Real talk: crop dusting, as you may have guessed, originated in agriculture in the 1920s and it referred to the use of small aircrafts to spray large areas of land with pesticides. The practice has been occasionally banned due to public health, environmental concerns, and even terrorism concerns. .

The slang crop dusting likens the act of “spraying” a room with the stench of farts to the agricultural practice. The term is recorded since at least 2000, making its Urban Dictionary debut in 2003.

The term notably, um, spread to Hollywood. In the 2009 romantic-comedy I Love You, Man, the movie’s two leads, Peter (Paul Rudd) and Sydney (Jason Segel), observe a man as he attempts to surreptitiously crop dust a living room at an open house.

During a 2012 appearance on the late-night talk show Conan, comedian Kevin Nealon gave an account of how he crop-dusted Jack Nicholson at a fancy party. “Gas on the go”: Nice to see Hollywood’s keeping it classy!

Who uses crop dusting?

Crop dusting is mostly used humorously in very informal situations and online, sometimes even referring to domestic animals that were caught in the act. The verb form, if you haven’t already gotten a good whiff of it, is to crop dust (something or something).


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