cum shot

[kuhm shot]

What does cum shot mean?

This is ... a messy term. In pornography, a cum shot is when someone ejaculates (cums), usually on a partner's face or body.

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Examples of cum shot


Examples of cum shot
When you take a cum shot to the eye 😭😭😭😭
@cairaevelynn, May, 2018
She prefers what you might call a cross-genre motif: the cum shot...We’re talking meticulously threaded depictions of women porn performers with mouths open wide, tongues arching over their glistening bottom lips, and pearls—actual pearls—of ejaculate dripping down their chins.
Tracy Clark-Flory, Jezebel, April, 2018
They think that mainstream porn skews men's perceptions and expectations of real-life sex, and that guys deserve better. So they're trying to disrupt the porn industry from within by creating more authentic adult content featuring actual people having sex, with nary an awkward sex position or cum shot in sight.
Sofia Barrett-Ibarria, Men's Health, May, 2018

Where does cum shot come from?

cum shot
Chunklet's Bandcamp

The term cum shot goes back to the 1970s with the rise of the professional pornographic film industry, which included such classic skin flicks as Deep Throat (1972) and Flesh Gordon (1974).

A slightly earlier term was the money shot, dating back to the 1960s and since extended to big moments—or climaxes, shall we say—in films more generally. Cum (or come) has been slang for ejaculate or having an orgasm since the 1950s, and money supposedly refers to the fact that the climactic cum shot is a porno’s real money maker. A shot is a film take, though it readily lends itself to puns in porn.

Cum shots come—sorry, sorry—in a variety of forms, including facials (ejaculating on someone’s face), creampies (ejaculating in the anus or vagina in a manner where the semen oozes out), or simply someone masturbating for the camera.

Who uses cum shot?

Porn, porn, porn. That’s where cum shot gets most used, most commonly as an online tag or sub-genre featuring men ejaculating on women.

People who work in the adult-film industry (or study or write about it) also use cum shot as a term of art and business.

Outside pornographic content, people may reference cum shots humorously or in their own sex lives.

Cum shot, we probably don’t need to tell you, is not for polite company.

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