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Drop it like it’s hot

[drop] [it] [lahyk] [its] [hot]

What does Drop it like it’s hot mean?

Drop it like it’s hot is a phrase often associated with hip-hop, rap, and dance music. It’s used most commonly as a command or request. Specifically, it refers to a dance move where a person (usually a woman) bends over or bends her knees and “drops” towards the floor, emphasizing her butt.

Drop it like it’s hot can also mean any of the following: to perform or play a rap or beat that’s danceable,

to do something well or skillfully, to physically drop or let go of something, or to suddenly stop doing a task and focus on something else.

Where does Drop it like it’s hot come from?

Examples of Drop it like it’s hot

“My GPA is about drop it like its hot after this semester”
• y a s m i n • @Woahitsyazzy Twitter (May 4, 2017)
“Kuback has ordered the 1-3-1 half-court press to start the game, hoping to get his charges involved right away. But their explosive trap is easily diffused as Earl smartly swings the ball to Nate, who calmly scorches the net. “Drop it like it’s hot!’ Sam yells at Nate.”
Charley Rosen, “The Cockroach Basketball League,” Seven Stories Press (Published in 1998)
“Only try this with a professional such as Master of All Dance GloZell. This shows you how to Drop it not lukewarm not cold but hot. Be careful and have fun.”
GloZell Green, “How to drop it like it's hot with Stank Face part 1 ... by GloZell,” YouTube (May 30, 2011)

Who uses Drop it like it’s hot?

Drop it like it’s hot can be used in a variety of ways. Its central concept (to drop or let go of something quickly, as though it were hot enough to burn) can be applied to endless situations, which perhaps accounts for the widespread applications of the phrase.

For instance, one popular use is as the name of a dance move where the dancer bends down seductively. Sometimes people shout “Drop it like it’s hot” at dancers in the hopes that they’ll perform the move, or to show appreciation after a particularly impressive or sensual dance move, e.g., “Yeah, girl, drop it like it’s hot! Let me see that booty!”

Drop it like it’s hot can be used in many other situations, like a successful performance in basketball: “He’s dropping it like it’s hot, right into the basket!”; or as a general term for quickly stopping a task in progress or getting rid of something: “This book sucks, I’m going to drop it like it’s hot.

Finally, drop it like it’s hot can be taken at face value, referring to something that falls or goes down either literally or figuratively, e.g., “It’s getting really cold, but the thermometer is dropping like it’s hot.”

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