Eiffel Tower

[ahy-fuh l tou-er]

What does Eiffel Tower mean?

This is not the Paris landmark—but it is named for it.

This Eiffel Tower is slang for a threesome sex position where a person has vaginal or anal sex with one partner while performing oral sex on another. The two partners then high-five overhead, forming a shape said to look like the Eiffel Tower.

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Examples of Eiffel Tower


Examples of Eiffel Tower
Who else had to Google “Eiffel Tower” and then furiously delete their search history? This episode started with an explosion and ended with a bang.
Danielle Henderson, Vulture, October, 2014
...My partners, Fal and Kate, and I are trying threesome positions to see if they work out for us. Here are our mostly coherent thoughts on group sex high-fives that make us resemble the "Eiffel Tower"... apparently.
@MxNillin, January, 2018
The Tab understands members of the cricket club regularly rate girls they've slept with on the boys group chat[...]Another screenshot reads: "[We] are about to potentially Eiffel Tower a bird…". An 'Eiffel Tower' is a threesome between two men and a woman in a position that replicates the shape of the Eiffel Tower.
Maddy Mussen, The Tab, April, 2018

Where does Eiffel Tower come from?

eiffel tower

As is common for sex slang, the exact origins of the Eiffel Tower are hard to pin down, but the term was entered on Urban Dictionary as early as 2003. It gained particular notoriety after it was referenced on a 2014 episode of the TV show Scandal—much to the surprise or titillation of unsuspecting moms everywhere.

While a woman on all fours is typically thought of as the “base” and two men create the height, the Eiffel Tower can be formed by any combination of people, including same-sex arrangements and involving sex toys.

The position has inspired embellishments—because of course it has. One is the Eiffel 69, featuring a couple engaging in a 69 as the base of the kinky architecture.

Who uses Eiffel Tower?

People do actually perform Eiffel Towers, though typically as a novelty in pornography given its boastful signature high-five. Absent the high-five, people are simply said to be spit-roasting. (Don’t ask us how we know this.)

Otherwise, the term is used as humorous reference in casual speech or writing and isn’t for polite company—and yes, people make plenty of visual jokes about the sex position when they visit the actual Eiffel Tower.

Sometimes people refer to the act of doing an Eiffel Tower as to Eiffel Tower (someone) or Eiffel Towering.

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