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[jif-fee] or [gif-ee]

What does giffy mean?

giffy is a colloquial term of endearment for a gift (card), girlfriend, or GIF image. It’s also a common misspelling of jiffy


Where does giffy come from?

Examples of giffy

Somebody give me a giffy for uber 😢😢😢😢😢😂

@ilyGABY, December, 2016
Giffy time. Reply with 1 GIF to describe how you'll feel when #Trump is finally impeached for #TrumpRussia...
@SaysAofBlades, March, 2018
Today we will be teaching you how to make carrot cake. Get your pen and paper ready, we will be back in a giffy.
@Bunmicakes, December, 2014

Who uses giffy?

All senses of giffy are mainly used in social media. Given its principal currency online, the intended pronunciation of giffy isn’t always clear outside of its confusion for jiffy. We can reasonably conclude giffy for girlfriend and gift begins with a hard G and giffy for GIF varies in pronunciation, as people say GIF with a hard and soft G (the latter insisted upon by its inventor).

As a misspelling of jiffy, giffy is used just like its official counterpart, mostly appearing in the phrase “in a giffy.”

On social media, giffy is more commonly used by young women and black communities, the term usually conveying excitement upon receiving a present. Young men favor giffy, using it for affection, intimacy, or cuteness.

The acronym, GIFFY, short for gay in five fucking years, is very occasionally used as a more intensive form of GIFY, gay in five years, a derogatory slang term for a man who identifies as straight but exhibits behaviors stereotyped as gay, implying the individual will come out as gay relatively soon.

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