hard in the paint

[hahrd th uh peynt]

What does hard in the paint mean?


All in, baby! If you tackle something head on and give it 110%, then you are going hard in the paint.

Examples of hard in the paint


Examples of hard in the paint
It’s going to be tough because I’m used to going hard in the paint, so to speak. To preserve my voice and because of the scarring, I’m going to have to become almost conversational in my preaching and teaching, which will be OK.
Rudolph McKissick Jr. quoted by Destiny McKeiver & Roxy Tyler, WJXT, July, 2018
I go hard in the mu'fuckin' paint nigga / Leave you stankin' nigga
Waka Flocka Flame, "Hard in da Paint" (song), May, 2010

Where does hard in the paint come from?

Hard in the paint comes from basketball slang. In the sport, the paint, also called the key or free throw lane, refers to the rectangular lane underneath the hoop on a basketball court. It’s often shaded or painted (as with team colors), hence the name, recorded since the 1980s.

Because more shots are made closer to the net, the paint sees a lot of action in a game, so players going for baskets in the paint need to be aggressive in their efforts—or go hard.

To go hard in the paint spread from the court to youth slang for “to give it one’s best” in the early 2000s, likely due to the role of basketball in youth culture.

It rose to further prominence in 2010 when rapper Waka Flocka Flame released his track “Hard in da Paint,” where boasts he goes hard in the paint to beat his rivals. The single gave the slang a huge boost in popular culture.

Who uses hard in the paint?

One can go hard in the paint in a variety of contexts. Athletics. Academics. Extracurriculars. It’s a colorful and versatile expression for “going all out,” with basketballs, books, or beers.

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